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The Electronic Cigarette Is Becoming A Force In The Marketplace3

The saga of the electronic cigarette has taken hold of society in general and smokers specifically, and a new idea is being embraced by the general population. The electronic cigarette today is a device that resembles a cigarette, although different shaped containers are being promoted that do the same thing, that contains a glycol liquid that is heated by an atomizer and produces a vapor. This harmless vapor is nearly in how it looks and acts, and is inhaled by the user, simulating the act of smoking a tobacco cigarette.

The introduction of these devices really began in earnest in 2009, and that year sales were in the 60,000 units range. It is estimated that in 2014 total sales will top one billion. So, it is obvious that something major is going on here, as more and more people are embracing this new product.

One major element of the market is the movement of tobacco cigarette smokers over to the electronic cigarette market. The legacy of disease and misery of tobacco smoking is unmatched in its effect upon people and society in the history of the world. There are over 165,000 deaths in the United States annually from lung cancer, and millions world wide, all scientifically linked to tobacco smoking.

Tobacco smoke contains many chemicals, over 200, which are definitely cancer causing, as well as arsenic and cyanide. The tobacco tar, a sticky black goo that coats the lungs of a smoker, also causes cancer, as well as snuffing out the alveoli, the main transfer points of oxygen exchange between our lungs and our blood supply. Without that function, we die a slow, agonizing death.

Is it any wonder that tobacco smokers are leaving the product in droves, and turning to electronic cigarettes? The e liquid in the e cigarette can contain different levels of nicotine, so the tobacco smoker can make the switch to an electronic cigarette with a similar nicotine level, and still get the nicotine hit, but not the harmful tobacco smoke. This is a no brainer for a smoker who is aware of the hazards of tobacco, and who isn’t?

One interesting factor is how interested big tobacco has become with the electronic cigarette phenomenon, as Lolliard recently purchase Blu E cigs, which was one of the early marketers of e cigs, and R.J. Reynolds, the tobacco giant is currently test marketing its own brand of e cigarettes. There is no doubt that once big tobacco enters the market in earnest, their money and distribution networks would provide significant competition for current electronic cigarette companies.

The current tobacco companies are faced with a diminishing market share anyway as more and more people stop smoking, or don’t take up the habit in the numbers that they used to. And adding that to the fact that the smokers switching to e cigarettes means that they are losing even more customers. It is only natural that they are beginning to look seriously about entering the marketplace in full force.

The regulatory agencies are also making lots of noise about how dangerous these new e cig products ‘might be’ and perhaps they need to be regulated to protect the public. What they are really saying is, here is a potential money making industry that needs to be taxed. It is a bit perplexing that in a time when some states have legalize the sale of marijuana that someone would be concerned about regulating a harmless vapor.

Regardless what regulators do, there is no doubt that the electronic cigarette revolution is here to stay as more and more people embrace the product. Many people who have never smoked may not realize it, but smoking is just as much psychological as it is a physical addiction, with the habits that are formed. People like to smoke at particular times during the day, such as when they wake up, after meals and at social events. They also like all of the things that come with it like their lighter and their cigarette case.

Electronic cigarettes comes with all those types of accessories and more, and it is fast becoming a way of live for many who have decided to leave killer tobacco behind for a better, healthier pastime.